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Services Provided

Building with strucutral beams
Structural Steel Detailing

ASDS utilizes Design Data’s SDS/2 technology to help produce accurate models in our time sensitive world of construction. With the ability to design connections when needed, SDS/2 is second to none. This gives our Detailers the opportunity to continue modeling through typical connections without waiting on connection design from a third party.

Miscellaneous Steel Detailing

With the use of multiple software technology, including SDS/2 and AutoDesk Inventor, to guide us in producing a wide range in scope of miscellaneous details, we deliver accurate details with demanding deadlines. From High-Rise stairs to specialty metals, our misc detailing department is well versed in NOMMA standards.


ASDS offers a wide range of reports from standard to custom designed. We cover from ABM’s to BOM’s as well as Field Bolt Lists, Shop Bolt Lists, Material Summary Reports, Finish, Galvanizing, Plate Reports, Sequence Reports, Connection Design etc.


Building Information Modeling is the newest technology allowing the end user to import our models directly into their viewer to help the design team recognize if there are any clashes with other trades. This file format is becoming more of the norm and is required for most jobs today. There are several file formats which can be produced to create a BIM file. Contact us today to find out more!

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